At the inception of this odyssey, the artist's hand gently caresses the paper, guided by the whispers of inspiration. Lines come alive, dancing across the surface, giving birth to shapes and figures. With each stroke, a story unfolds, revealing emotions and narratives that find solace in the strokes of a pencil or pen.

The artist's spirit yearns for more a desire to transcend the flatness of the page and delve into the realm of depth and dimension. Sculpture beckons, inviting the artist to explore new horizons, to mold and shape materials with their hands, breathing life into their creations.



Andrea Riesman is a renowned artist excelling in the realms of drawing and sculpture. With an innate talent and unwavering passion, she creates captivating works of art that transcend traditional boundaries. Her drawings capture emotions and stories with a few strokes, while her sculptures breathe life into clay, stone, and metal.

Andrea's unique artistic voice has earned her recognition in prestigious galleries and exhibitions, enchanting art enthusiasts worldwide. With a fearless spirit and commitment to her craft, Andrea continues to push the boundaries of her creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the art world with her intricate and evocative creations.

Represented by

  • Gevsner Fine Art, London, United Kingdom
  • Orchampt, Paris, France
  • Absolute Property, Brussels, Belgium
  • Stores Art, Los Angeles, USA

For Andrea Riesman, art is much more than just a creative expression - it's an exploration of the human soul and our relationship with the world around us. Through her work, she seeks to capture the very essence of existence, evoking deep emotions and prompting reflection in those who contemplate her pieces. Every brushstroke, every shape, and every texture is laden with meaning, inviting the viewer to an immersive and transformative artistic experience.


Recent drawing and sculpture signed Andrea Riesman

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